Why should you look after and love The Hamster Book instead of a real hamster, we hear you ask … well, that’s a very good question!

Even though a book isn’t soft and fluffy to touch, it can still be the most friendly and faithful of friends! But if you have your doubts, find out if you’re a ‘Hamster Book Person’ or a ‘Hamster Person’ by taking our quiz…


1) Would you like to find the most exciting page of your favourite book all nibbled and gnawed?

2) Are you ready to clean out your hamster’s cage every single day?

3) Would it be OK if your hamster gobbled up the soft padding of your pillow?

4) Would your mum and dad let your hamster run around in your house?


5) Would you be happy if your hyper hamster decided to do some late-night exercise?

If you answered “no” more times than “yes”…
Congratulations! The Hamster Book was made for you!

If you answered “yes” more times than “no”…
You need a hamster in your life! (As well as The Hamster Book!)

Download the activity sheet here

Can The Hamster Book wear clothes? Of course!

Personalize your book by giving your hamster her very own outfit! Download and print the activity sheet, cut out and colour the little clothes, and dress your hamster up! With all her accessories, there will be no other hamster quite like yours!

Download the activity sheet here

We’ve given our hamster four tiny shoes and a detective’s hat! Introducing … Sherlock-Hamster-Holmes!

Make Your Own Book

As you’ve discovered, one animal can create all kinds of mischief inside the pages of a book … but what happens if there are two?

Let’s find out!

1. First, pick two different animals to feature in your book (Tip: Try to pick a pair that will live together side by side, without one eating the other up! A hungry anteater and a tiny ant may not be the best combination…)

2. Draw your two chosen animals on a piece of white paper and, if you like, colour them in. We’ve chosen a smiley giraffe and a cute koala bear.

3. Now it’s time to think about what the two of them would do together – will they play and be the best of friends, or will they fight and fall out? Imagine four different scenarios and draw them, each on their own piece of paper.

4. Now it’s time for the front cover! Using The Hamster Book as a guide, design a cover for your story. Don’t forget to draw your two characters, and to write the title of your book beside them.

5. Finally, using a stapler, attach your cover and four drawings together and – ta-da! – you’ve made your very own book! And if you think of more adventures for your characters, you can add them simply by drawing them on new pieces of paper and attaching them at the back.

Our book is called The Giraffe and Koala Book … we’ve just got to make sure we don’t put it on the bookshelf right beside The Alligator Book!

If you’ve made a book with a funny animal pairing – a brave gorilla and a baby kangaroo, a shy shark and a bossy squid, a curious hedgehog and a proud porcupine – be sure to tell us about it!
Write to us at info@minibombo.it

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