Why should you look after and love The Dog Book instead of a real dog, we hear you ask …
well, that’s a very good question!

Even though a book isn’t soft and fluffy to touch, it can still be the most friendly and faithful of friends! But if you have your doubts, find out if you’re a ‘Dog Book Person’ or a ‘Dog Person’ by taking our quiz…


1) Would you like to find the pretty flowers in your garden all dug up?

2) Some of your friends might be a little scared of your dog’s wet kisses… Would they still come around to play?

3) Do you like the smell of dog? Even a dog that hasn’t had his bath in a really long time?

4) Are you ready to wake up early and take your dog for a walk? Even when it’s cold and dark outside?

5) Would your dad let your dog chew his favourite slippers?

If you answered “no” more times than “yes” ...
Congratulations, The Dog Book was made for you! Make a space on your bookshelf...

If you answered “yes” more times than “no” ...
Then you need a dog in your life! (As well as The Dog Book). Time to get out your walking boots…

Download the activity sheet here

Can The Dog Book wear clothes? Of course!

Personalize your book by giving your dog his very own outfit! Download and print the activity sheet, cut out and colour the clothes – running shoes, ear muffs, a collar – and dress your dog up! With accessories, there will be no other dog quite like yours!

Download the activity sheet here

We’ve given our dog his very own dog collar and a helicopter hat! Doesn’t he stand out from the crowd?

Make Your Own Book

As you’ve discovered, you and your Dog Book can have all kinds of adventures together. But perhaps there’s another animal that you might like to play with?
If so, let’s bring them to life! In just a few simple steps, you can make your very own book, featuring any animal you like.

1) First, choose and draw an animal to feature in your book – someone you’d like to spend your afternoons with, cuddled up on the sofa…

We’ve chosen a crocodile, but we’re starting to think those teeth are looking a little too snappy...

2) That’s better – this little tortoise is much friendlier!
If you like, you can now colour your animal in.

3) Now it’s time to think about what your new animal friend would like to do – would they be really hungry and munch on treats all day, or would they like to make new friends? Our tortoise likes to sunbathe and take naps in his shell! Imagine four different activities and draw them, each on their own piece of paper.

4) Time for the front cover! Using The Dog Book as a guide, design a cover for your story. Don’t forget to draw your character, and to write the title of your book beside them.

5) Finally, using a stapler, attach your cover and four drawings together and – ta-da! – you’ve made your very own book! And if you think of more activities for your character, you can add them simply by drawing them on new pieces of paper and attaching them at the back.

Our book is called The Tortoise Book! We’ve got to make sure we always hold it the right way up, though … tortoises don’t like being upside down!

If you’ve made a book with an adventurous animal – a porcupine doing his laundry, a swashbuckling pirate parrot, a chameleon who likes to play hide-and-seek – be sure to tell us about it! Write to us at info@minibombo.it

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