Look carefully at these shapes … what do you see?  Rows of rectangles? Four tall towers?  Piles of building blocks? Well, if we mix all of these shapes up and move them around, we can make something completely new – and unexpected – in no time at all.

Drawing with shapes!

In Shapes, Reshape!, all of the animals are made up of shapes … shapes of different sizes and different colours! Do you remember how the clucky chicken, the jumpy frog and the prickly hedgehog were made?

The chicken was made out of orange shapes for the body and wings, and teeny-tiny red shapes for the beak and feet. The frog was made out of green shapes, of course (and a long red one for his slimy tongue, too!). And the hedgehog? A big shape for his body, and lots of little shapes for his prickly spines!

Now, it’s your turn! Can you draw an animal just out of shapes?

Look very carefully at the animal that you want to draw, and think about all of its different body parts… Are they big or are they small? Do they look more like squares or more like rectangles? And what colour are they?

Here’s one we’ve done earlier – an enormous elephant! We spotted a big body, two ears, a long trunk, two feet, lots of tiny toes and a little tail, too … and drawn them all as rectangular shapes!

See how many different critters you can draw this way! You’ll soon find that all sorts of animals can be drawn with rectangles and squares – even a round puffer fish blowing round bubbles!

Shuffling shapes!

Look at these red and yellow shapes… We know from reading Shapes, Reshape! that they can turn into lots of different animals!

We just mix them all up, move them around and…

Ta-da! We’ve made a magnificent moose!

But that’s not the only possibility! If we move the same shapes around again, they can reshape into… 

A jumping dog! Woof!

What do you think these blue and yellow shapes reshape into?

A big blue whale, of course! Yikes – a whale with LOTS of teeth!

Now it’s your turn!

• First, download and print off the activity sheet. There are two games to play separately – one with red and yellow shapes, and one with blue and yellow.
• For each game, carefully cut out the shapes with scissors. (The pieces are quite small, so get a grown-up to help if this bit is too fiddly!)
• Once you’ve cut them all out, place the shapes on a flat surface.
• Now slide and shuffle them around! Move them up, move them down, to the left, to the right … and see what you can make! Try and make the moose, dog and whale, and then see what other animals you can make, too!

Download the activity sheet here

What can one shape make?

You’ll need:
• Scissors
• Coloured paper and plain paper
• A black pen or pencil or crayon
• A glue-stick

1) Using scissors, cut out some rectangular shapes in different colours from your paper (you’ll need at least three shapes.) If you don’t have any coloured paper, you could also colour the shapes with crayons or markers before cutting them out.

2) Next, put all the shapes in a bag and give them a good shake!

3) Now, with your eyes closed, put your hand in the bag and pick a shape.

4) Stick the shape in the middle of a piece of clean white paper with a glue-stick.

5) Using a pen – and your imagination – turn your shape into an animal! Give it some ears and some eyes! How many legs does it have? Does it have a tail?

6) Once you’ve transformed your cut-out shape into an animal, select another shape from your bag and do the same again! But this time, try to turn your shape into an animal that is bigger and fiercer than the one you made before … an animal that will make your first animal run away!

The first shape we pulled out of the bag was a long green rectangle, so we turned it into a hairy caterpillar…

A caterpillar soon to be scared by our second shape – the orange beak of a bird!

A bird that will fly away when he sees what we made with our third shape – the twitchy pink nose of a hungry kitty!

If you have more shapes in your bag, then just keep going! Pick another shape, draw another animal and continue the story! Who will scare the kitty cat?

Is your carpet now covered in lots of little cut-out shapes? If so, email a picture to info@minibombo.it – we’d love to see the mess you’ve made!

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