You might know all about circles, squares and triangles already … but have you ever thought about all the different things that you can make with them?

In the book, Shapes at Play, these three shapes have a great idea for a game: together, they want to see if they can make a brand new shape! After a shaky start, hopping and bouncing and – bump! – colliding, they soon realize that they can be anything they want to be!

Come on, shapes … save the day!

Together, squares, triangles and circles can be very useful, indeed! Download and print out the activity sheet below to play along, and spot things that you might need hiding in the middle of the shapes.

It’s a summer’s day, and everybody is too hot. Can you see an ice cream cone with three scoops? That will help cool us down!

Brr … now it’s snowing and it’s as cold as can be! Can you see anything woolly to keep us warm? Maybe a woolly hat?

Uh-oh! The electricity has gone out! Can you see a candle to light up the room?

Hot, cold or dark – shapes can save the day!

Download the activity sheet here

Complete the rhyme!

In the book, Shapes at Play, the squares, triangles and circles like to chat and joke as they make new shapes. In this activity, you can join in with their conversation! But here’s the tricky bit … can you always respond in rhyme?


In this picture, the triangle of the little tower asks the triangle of the big tower: “What can you see from up there?”

What do you think the big tower triangle replies? Remember – it’s got to be in rhyme! So he might reply, “I see a tree with a juicy pear!” or “I see a daddy and a baby bear!”

Now the triangles ask the circles, “Who lives in your tree?”

Would the circles say, “A busy, buzzy bumblebee!” or “A little fairy, drinking tea!”?


And what might you say to this little car? Would you want to go to Glasgow, or Chicago, or Moscow? Would you like to see a show, or find a rhino, or drive to the end of the rainbow? 



Download the activity sheet here

Discovering Outer space!

At the end of Shapes at Play, the shapes realize there is no end to what they can make – so they build a rocket, and head for the stars! And when they arrive at planet Mars, they’re greeted by a group of new shapes – the pentagon, the trapezoid, and the diamond!

The new shapes look so strange to the square, triangle and circle – but they look even stranger when they are grouped together. In fact, they look like aliens!

And we’re going to get some really interesting new things if all of the shapes play together… Look at this funny guy!

Now it’s time to play with all six shapes together! Download the activity sheet below, cut out the hexagons, diamonds and trapezoids, and then mix them up with the shapes you cut out earlier. Now, by moving them around and placing them together, try and make the most weird and wonderful aliens that you can!



Download the activity sheet here

If you spotted a heptagon from Venus or an octagon from Saturn in your travels in Outer space, you must let us know! Send your pictures to

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