It all begins with one little nut…

Who’s there, in between the leaves?

In the book, Shake the Tree, the tree is full of surprises! Not only does a delicious nut hang from a very tall branch, but a whole gang of animals are hiding behind the leaves – some are big, some are small … all are very hungry!

Now it’s time to make your own tree! Here’s what you need to do:

1) Download and print out the activity sheet below. If you print in black and white, colour in your tree and animals with pencils, pens or paints.

2) Now, with some scissors, carefully cut out the different shapes provided – the treetop, the tree trunk, the giraffe, the rabbit and the crocodile. If you’d like them to be sturdier, glue them onto a piece of card.

3) On the tree trunk shape, you’ll see three dotted lines. Fold along each of those.

4) On the treetop shape, you’ll see five dotted lines. Carefully cut along those. (This part is a bit tricky, so get a grown-up to help if you get stuck.)

5) You’re ready to assemble your tree! Stick your tree trunk to your treetop with a little glue, using the below diagram as a guide.

Now it’s the time for the fun part – hiding the animals! Simply slide them into the cuts in your treetop.

And, there you have it – your very own tree, perfect for hiding sneaky animals! Why don’t you slide the bunny so far down that only its ears pop out, and the giraffe so far down that only its horns are showing. Now see if your family and friends can guess who is hiding in the tree!

Download the activity sheet here

So many trees!

Nuts aren’t the only delicious things that grow on trees – fruit does, too. And there’s always lots of critters ready to gobble up fruit… Just look at this tree, below! The birds can’t wait to try the juicy, sweet cherries.

Which animals like plums, bananas and pineapples the most, do you think?

Why don’t you try drawing those animals! Download and print the activity sheet, and have fun putting the animals in the picture – they might be patiently waiting beside their favourite tree, waiting for the fruit to drop down, or they might even be climbing the branches. If hot-dogs grew on trees, would you wait for one to drop down? We would!

Download the activity sheet here

New tree, new story!

There are SO many different types of trees in the world – big trees, small trees, palm trees, fir trees. Trees that lose their leaves in the winter, trees that keep their leaves all year round…

Imagine if the tree in Shake the Tree had a pine cone nestled in its branches, rather than a nut. Who, do you think, might shake shake shake that kind of tree, hungry for pine nuts? And what kind of animals might start to fall from its branches instead?

Make your very own Shake the Tree story!

1) Download and print the activity sheet below.

2) Carefully cut out the three tree templates.

3) Now add your animals! In the first template, draw an animal looking up at the pine cone. In the second, draw the same animal shaking the tree. And in the third, draw the same animal scared – with a new, bigger animal dropping down from the tree! We’ve drawn a cute squirrel being surprised by a big, hairy wolf.

4) If you’d like to imagine what happens when the bigger animal starts to shake the tree, simply print another activity sheet, cut out the three templates, and draw! You can keep adding animals to the action by using more activity sheets – there’s no limit to how many animals might be hiding in the tree!

5) Once you’re happy, put the pages in order and staple the pages together. And there you have it! Your very own Shake the Pine Tree storybook.

But, remember. When you shake shake shake a pine tree,
watch out for spiky needles!

Download the activity sheet here

If you’d like to share your Shake the Tree story, or even just a photo of you eating a hot-dog, we’d love to hear from you. Write to us at!

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