Do you have an animal at home? Do you think that they would like to go on an adventure? Where do you think they would go? Look at Mouse – his bags are packed! He’s off to see the world!

Who does the cage belong to?

Some animals have been let out of their cages so they can play outside. Can you guess which animals they were just by looking at their cages, and then draw them beside their homes on the activity sheet? The things left inside of the cages make great clues!

Inside this cage there is an egg which has just hatched and a fluttering feather. Did the animal that left this cage fly out, maybe?

Hmm … there’s only a swirly shell inside this one! Who could it belong to?

The animal who left this cage likes hiding under pebbles and stones! What kind of animal likes the damp and the dark?

Wow! Look at this animal’s cage … there’s a palm tree for shade and a nice stream to keep cool! What kind of animal would like living here?

When this tortoise was let out of his cage, he (very slowly!) made his great escape … now he’s chilling beside a sunny tropical lagoon! Imagine that those animals that aren’t in their cages decided to head off for a holiday, too … where would they go, and what would they do?

Download the activity sheet here

Make your own mysterious box!

In the book, you will remember that there was one cage that looked a little different from the rest … a mysterious big brown box (that you weren’t supposed to touch!) that contained a fairly unfriendly animal.

Now it’s time to make your own mystery box that you can use to scare your family and friends! The trick is to make sure the animal is completely hidden, so your curious friends will have to know what’s inside…

1. Take a piece of paper and draw on it the most terrifying creature you can possibly imagine! Does it have horrible hairy legs, or pointy fangs, or sharp claws? If your paper is big enough, why not draw something enormous … like a fierce rhino?

We’ve drawn the scariest thing we can think of … a little spider! But if you can’t think of anything creepy enough, you can use one of the animals on the downloadable activity sheet!

2. Now, on another sheet of paper, draw a box big enough to contain your terrifying creature! Don’t forget to draw on a door – you just need three straight sides, like in the picture below.

3. Colour in your box, any colour you like.

4. Now cut out the outline of your box, and cut along the three lines to create a lift-the-flap door (this bit’s quite fiddly, so get a grown-up to help if you get stuck!).

5. Place your cut-out box on top of your first sheet of paper, carefully lining them up so that your scary animal sits right inside the box’s door. Glue it down, leaving the flap open.

6. Now, all that’s left to do is to close the flap and show your box it to your unsuspecting family and friends… They won’t be able to resist taking a peek into your mysterious box! Watch them open the flap, and hear them squeal!

Download some dangerous beasts here!

What has the snake eaten now?

At the end of Open Up, Please! we saw that snakes don’t spare anyone or anything! Look at the pictures below, and try to guess what these three snakes have been gobbling up for lunch!

Can you guess what this snake ate while in the South Pole?

What about this vegetarian snake? He seems to have a soft spot for broccoli … but what other veggies can you see?

And, finally, what about this snake? It looks like he’s just slithered through a living room!

Now you’ve guessed what these snakes ate for lunch, you can decide what a snake eats for dinner! Download the activity sheet, and draw the snake’s next meal … inside his belly!

Download the activity sheet here

Have you made a great home for your pet? Or has your pet ever been on holiday? If so, let us know!  Write and send your pictures to

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