Some animals can become camouflaged. That means they can blend in with their surroundings – which makes it quite difficult to spot them! In the video, bopping bunny is camouflaged in the pink meadow ... but there's somebody else camouflaged, too ... and he's got a lot of teeth! Eek! When you think you spot the second camouflaged critter, shout out, “Watch out, Bunny!”.

Animal ... reveal yourself!

Look at this sheet of green grass – no animals to see here!

But wait, look again! Three pairs of curious little eyes have popped out from behind the grass!

Well, if we can see their eyes but we can't see their bodies, that must mean these animals are camouflaged in the grass! And if the grass is green, that must mean that they are green, too!

What could they be? We think it might be a green crocodile, a green tortoise (eating some tasty green lettuce) and a green frog eating an ice cream (yummy mint-flavoured, of course!).

Now you give it a try! Take a piece of coloured paper (whatever colour you like!) and have fun imagining and drawing what camouflaged creature you think your paper might be hiding! Is there a polar bear on your white sheet? Or a whale on your blue one?

Look who we found on our piece of orange paper!

Time to disappear!

It's very important for some animals to camouflage themselves because it means other, bigger animals can't spot them. And if they can't spot them, they can't gobble them up for lunch! Download the activity sheet below, and play along.

Look at this yellow hen house. We can see six white chickens ... and so can the hungry fox! Quick! Camouflage the chickens by colouring them in with a yellow pencil or pen!

Now what about those dragonflies? The frog's about to slurp them all up with his slimy tongue! You know what to do ... camouflage them by colouring them in a nice sky blue!

And the elephant? Even though he's much bigger than the mice, he's SO scared of them! We don't want the elephant to worry, so find a grey pencil or pen and colour those little mice in! One, two, three!

This worm is making a wiggly getaway ... but the hen is not far behind! If you're feeling mischievous, you can leave the little worm white so he's gobbled up by the chicken ... but if you want him to escape, colour him in!

Download the activity sheet here

Let's play ... CAMOUFLAGE BINGO!

You'll need:

  1. First, download and print the activity sheet, and cut out the 6 big bingo cards and the 24 little word cards (get a grown-up to help, if you like!).
  2. Next, put all the word cards in a bag and give them a good shake!
  3. Now, give each player in the game a bingo card. There are enough bingo cards for 2–6 friends to play at the same time.
  4. Give each player a colouring pencil the same colour as their bingo card.
  5. Each player takes it in turns to pick a word card out of the bag and read out the name of the animal on it.
  6. Whoever has that animal on their bingo card gets to camouflage it by colouring it in! (So if the word is “giraffe”, the person with the yellow bingo card gets to colour in!).
  7. Keep on passing around the bag and picking word cards until...
  8. BINGO – where have all the animals gone?! The first person to camouflage all the critters on their bingo card wins!

Download the activity sheet here

Is your pet brilliant at camouflaging itself around the house? Or have you ever found yourself blending in with your wallpaper? If so, snap a picture and send it to and we'll try to spot you!

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