Have you ever seen a hippo up close? What about a hedgehog? In Near, Far you see animals from as close as close can be ... and, sometimes, those animals can be a little dangerous. So watch the video and shout out, “Watch out, Birdie!”

Let's get near!

Nobody sees things the exact same way. To you, a red circle might look a bit like a juicy red cherry. But to your friend, it might look more like a brilliant red bouncy ball! In your imagination, a red circle can be so many different wild and wonderful things!

Look at the picture below. It's a close-up of a snappy crocodile – those are his scaly spikes! But, if we didn't tell you that, what might you think they were? Two blades of green grass? Two hilltops? Maybe the ears of a big green monster?

For each of the zoomed-in pictures below, try to come up with as many ideas as you can for what they could be!

Hmm... Could this be an elephant's trunk?

What could this be? We think it looks a lot like a crunchy green apple – yum, yum! Should we take a bite?

Yuck! It wasn't a delicious apple ... it was actually a slithering snake!

Complete the drawing

Look at the pictures below – the colourful part of the pictures are from an animal! Do you recognize any of them from the book?

The first one is the blue bird – it's her little tail. We thought that the tail, up close, looked a lot like a chimney ... so we made it part of a steamboat!

The second one is the prickly hedgehog – it's his spikes! We thought that the spikes, up close, looked like sharp teeth ... so we made them part of a fire-breathing DRAGON!

Finally, that orange and pink one: did you guess that it was the bunny rabbit – the bunny's paws? We thought that, up close, they looked just like drippy icing ... so we made them part of a delicious frosted birthday cake!

Now it's your turn!

Download the activity sheet here

Photo time!

Now it's time to zoom in and out all on your own!

First, find an unusual object. Is there something peculiar in the back of your wardrobe or under your bed?

Now, take a picture of it from really, really close up, just like we've done with the picture on the left. Think what your picture looks like... Doesn't ours look like a snowy roof on an orange house?

Next, take another picture a little further away, just like the picture on the right. Oh! Our snowy roof is starting to look more like a curly moustache!

Finally, take one last photo – this time from far enough away that you get the whole object in the shot. Ta da! Now you can see what the object really was all along! (Look, our object was a clothes hanger!).

Find all sorts of objects, and keep taking three photos of them – one up close, one a bit further away and one from far enough away that the whole thing can be seen. Now test your friends by seeing if they can guess what the objects are from the pictures! How many can they guess from the very first shot?

Have you ever seen a ginormous animal from up close, or a teeny tiny animal from really far away? If so, send your pictures to info@minibombo.it – we'd love to see your amazing discoveries!

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